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Designed for Community

After immersing ourselves in the Active Adult market and mindset, we set out to design communities that actually bring people together from the front porch to the town close by. We look at every level of interaction as a way to bring a little more magic to home buyers’ lives. The homes are designed for first-floor living, with open floor plans and standard excellence that this age group demands. Then the large front porches welcome visitors and provide a way to connect easily as the front porch flows out into pocket neighborhoods, where homes surround beautifully landscaped paths and gardens. The pocket neighborhood design encourages interaction, increases safety, and provides a level of community that traditional street-forward designs do not.

Designed for Easier Buying

We decided to change the way people buy homes. Instead of bait-and-switch pricing that frustrates and angers home buyers, we made it simple. Homes are designed and priced with three finish levels. That way, buyers know what their final price will be BEFORE they make and finish selections. With our Classic level as our starting point, we include features found only as upgrades in other communities, such as wooden shelving, built-ins, and premium frameless, soft-close cabinets. We even have an online tool that guides buyers through the selection process in about 20 minutes, enabling them to go back and try different designs if they wish until they get their home just right.

Easier pricing. Easier selection. Easier buying.

Designed for Active Living

A short walk from home leads to the Clubhouse – a grand Southern-inspired space for activity, fitness, and connection. From cafe space and a wine bar to premium fitness facilities, demonstration kitchen, and crafts rooms, the Clubhouse is a central gathering place for the active adult lifestyle. TIMU Group builds communities near town centers for easy access to restaurants, bars, shopping, and community activities –  and an even greater connection with others. Our communities are not islands – they are connected by paths to charming nearby towns that offer even more.

Designed for What We’d Want

We are people first, builders second. We genuinely care about the quality of the experience our home buyers have. We put into our homes what we would want, and make sure that buyers get more for their money than in other communities. Because of that perspective, we are on-site daily to oversee every aspect of construction. And with our decades of building experience, we notice big and small items alike – and fix them before they become problems. We also engage with a warranty company to inspect homes as they’re being built for another set of eyes to assure quality. That way, our home buyers have nothing but good experiences, and they bring their friends to buy as well. It’s not just being good people, it’s also good business.

TIMU Communities

 Clayton, NC:

Open and selling.

Four models and sales center open.

Indianland, SC:

In entitlement.

Expecting to break ground in 2017.

Wilmington, NC:


Expecting to break ground in 2017.